RAL K5 color fans with altogether 216 colors

    Color Fan matte with 195 RAL CLASSIC Colors + 21 perl- und lightning colors
    Color Fan glossy with 194 RAL CLASSIC Colors + 21 perl- und lightning colors

    RAL Classic K5 Fan matte with 216 classic colors and K5 Fan semigloss with 215 classic colors (surface selection above).
    Compact color fan in the format 5 x 15 cm, full-surface color representation as a lacquer coating on paper. Color number and color names are printed in multiple languages ​​on the back. The hard cardboard U-Cover protects the content. The colors can be held directly together, which makes the color selection especially for multicolored projects much easier.
    The glos

    sy or matte option gives the viewer a realistic impression of the gloss of surfaces. The RAL K5 color gamut is higher quality than the overview subjects, but not suitable for color adjustments. Please use the color-binding references from the main registers RAL 840-HR or RAL 841-GL.

    • Color fan matte with 216 classic colors or gloss with 215 classic colors
    • incl. 15 pearl colors
    • incl. 6 lightning colors
    • Format 5 x 15 cm
    • Full area color displaying 5 x 15 cm, 1 color per each page
    • Available with a matt or glossy coating surface (selection on above)
    • Gloss level matte fan: <5 at 60 °
    • Gloss level of glossy subjects: solid colors 60 – 70 GE at 60 °, light colors and pearl colors> 90 at 60 °
    • If you order matte and glossy the scale prices will be respected
    • Description in German, English and French
    • At a piece number of 100 color fans available with firm imprint on the U cover
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