RAL-K 7 CLASSIC Color Fan

    Color fan deck with all 216 RAL Classic Colors

    Color fans in the format 5 x 15 cm with 5 colors per fan sheet each 50 x 20 mm. Contains all 216 RAL CLASSIC colors in glossy design. The color names are printed in German under the color fields and included as a color table in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Chinese in the opening credits. Affordable, handy color fan for a quick overview and pre-selection of colors for decision support for end customers. Not suitable for color adjustment or quality control. Color-matched are exclusively the cards from the main registers RAL 840-HR or RAL 841-GL.

    • 195 classic colors
    • 15 pearl colors
    • 6 fluorescent colors
    • 50 x 150 mm, color samples 50 x 20 mm
    • 5 color patches on each page
    • gloss finish
    • List of the color names in English, German, France, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian and Chinese

    Three colors were added to the RAL CLASSIC color collection in 2009.
    RAL 3028 Pure Red / RAL 6037 Pure Green / RAL 6038 Luminous Green
    These three colors are used on visual aids in the shipping industry for maritime traffic safety purposes, such as the buoys used on all German waterways in inland and coastal areas to identify shipping channels and danger areas.

    Since 2020/21 there are 3 new colors on the RAL system, which are available as register cards. This color fan contains already the new colors.
    RAL 2017 RAL Orange
    RAL 9012 Reinraumweiß
    RAL 6039 Fasergrün

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