RAL F9 Camouflage color in a 3-piece set

    RAL F9 Revise camouflage colors in a 5-piece set

    Originally a unique color tone for all vehicles and devices of the army

    The colors are named RAL-numbers and color cards in the card format of HR are designed:

    • RAL 6031-F9 – Bronze green
    • RAL 8027-F9 – Leather brown
    • RAL 9021-F9 – Tar black

    In order to achieve an effective camouflage in the desert area, the german army introduced 5 revise camouflage colors in 2003. These colors are also available as water-soluble. Depending on the field of application one, two or all three colors of the camouflage painting are over painted with camouflage colors. Also the coating of the whole vehicle into a camouflage color is possible.

    The 5 revise camouflage colors are:

    • Sand-beige (RAL 1039 F9)
    • Grey-beige (RAL 1040 F9)
    • Pale olive (RAL 6040 F9)
    • Camouflaging grey (RAL 7050 F9)
    • Sand-brown (RAL 8031 F9)

    The color cards of the camouflage colors (when printed) contains:

    • Glossy value (2 at 60°, 8 at 85°)
    • Measuring instrument requirement for quality control in the color production
    • Color co-ordinates L*a*b*
    • Permitted color gaps
    • Spectral reflection factor in following levels:  400nm, 450 nm, 500 nm, 550 nm, 600 nm, 700 nm, 800 nm, 1200 nm

    Spectral reflection factors do not only have to be proved by the creation of camouflage colors not only in the visible area from 400 – 700 nm, but also in the IR-area up to 1200 nm.

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